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How a Typical Photo Session Should Go

What to Expect!

Before Any Session:

Phone or in-person consultation has occurred and EVERY detail is understood and agreed upon. We will collaborate on location, ideas and looks to bring the vision to life!

50% deposit is REQUIRED to book a photo session

Client is responsible for props, make-up and all other shoot additives unless photographer has them on hand

During The Session:

Client is responsible for thoroughly reading the photo session package he or she booked and arriving on time

ALL sessions will start and end for the time booked so please be prompt and early.

I will arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour early for equipment setup if I am traveling to your residence

Please notify all parties that are in your residence to not travel through the area during the photo session. We wan't to produce greatness and do not want anything to interfere!

Video (Live, Short Camera Clips) of the photo session will be taken by myself or the video production team on call.

I will assist with poses/styling fix-ups when necessary

After The Session:

The rest of the payment is due at the end of the session


All shots will be reviewed by the photographer and the very best will be uploaded to the Pixieset proof gallery

A link will be texted and emailed in less than 24 hours that will take the client to the proof gallery for them to review

The client will then select the shots he or she would like retouched per the photo shoot package chosen

Please allow up to TWO WEEKS after favorites are selected for retouched and/or edited photos due to other projects being worked on.


I am a SOLE PROPRIETOR and I need you to help me build my business and employ others :)

Now That Wasn't So Bad!

Servant of God First.

Colorado Springs Portrait, Headshot & Event Photographer 

1159 Trek Trail Heights, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921

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