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Ink Photo Studios, formerly The Ink Bombers, was founded in 2019 by Owner and Lead Headshot Photographer Joshua Cooper.


"When I bought my first camera in 2017, a Nikon D3300, my initial goal was to capture photos and videos while traveling to different cities nationally and internationally."

"As I carried my camera everywhere I went, random strangers would inquire if I were indeed a photographer and if I did professional photoshoots."


"A lightbulb went off in my head, jump starting what wouId be the beginning of my amateur career as a "photographer". Through word of mouth, I started out shooting family events (birthdays, business) to individual and family portraits."

Shifting my business focus to professional and beauty headshots and portraitures, my photography has been published in known blogging sites such as Voyager Chicago.

Ink Photo Studios is run by a highly trained solo artist (myself) who does the photography, post-production editing and high-resolution retouching. 



Fast, Easy, and Fun Headshot Experience

We’ll laugh, we’ll dance, we’ll get you some awesome new headshots.


Whether it's your first time or 100th time, you’ll have friendly coaching to help you get the perfect image.

Straightforward Pricing & Packages

Straight-forward packages that give you a 100% unlimited perpetual commercial copyright license for images you purchase. We charge lower upfront session fees than our competitors, and you just pay for the photos you love.

Custom High-End Retouching

Ever seen an over-edited photo that barely looks like the person photographed?


I believe that the best editing isn’t noticed by the viewer.

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